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I want a line-free forehead Posted 05.11.09
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Think about all of the facial expressions that involve your forehead–surprise, curiosity, pensiveness and even anger can lead to horizontal furrows and vertical lines between the brows over time. Fortunately, quick product fixes and long-lasting treatments can deliver a smoother forehead, and a more rested, relaxed appearance.

Products: There are many products out there that can be used to correct uneven skin tones, plump-up the areas in which lines occur, reflect light to mask the appearance of lines, and even block free radicals to protect the skin from further damage. Some are supercharged makeup primers with sun-screens, others have plumping ceramides and skin-rejubenating peptides, some even have hyaluronic acids and atioxidants. These products vary in price and effectiveness. As with any product that is applied to the skins surface, it’s effect is dependant on the penetration and absorption of the product, and that is if you don’t have a reaction. Some department stores will allow you to test the product. However, if you are in smaller stores that just have the products stocked and shelved that may not be an option. Always check the return policy just in case there is an adverse reaction.

Stop the Wrinkles: Botox minimizes the muscle contractions that cause furrows, leaving you with a smooth, lineless forehead for up to four months. Depending on where the Botox is injected, your dermatologist can not only eliminate the horizontal and vertical lines, but may be able to give your brows a subtle lift as well. For cases of deep wrinkles, an injectable filler such as Juvéderm, Restylane or Perlane can be used off-table to temporarily erase any etched-in lines that remain after treatment with Botox. A new radiofrequency treatment called Relaxed Expressions claims to offer effects of Botox without the injection. Currently awaiting FDA approval, the treatment is said to target and destroy the nerves that cause wrinkles between the brows and on the forehead.
Surgical Smoothing: A surgical browlift eliminates lines by directly addressing the underlying muscles that create the wrinkles and furrows, and eliminating the excess skin on the forehead. Depending on the extent of your wrinkling, your surgeon can take either an open approach with an incision across the crown of the head or just within the hairline (which is necessary if excess skin will be removed and there is already a high forehead), or it can be performed endoscopically with an assistance of a surgical scope through small incisions at the temples, within the hairline and sometimes in the upper eyelid crease. Within a week or less, you’ll see a higher, more youthful-looking brow, and after about two to four weeks of initial swelling, the brow settles and begins to look more natural.

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