Sona Safety

Safety and Efficacy are Our Top Priority

Reputation - Sona Medspa is the industry leader, offering treatments nationwide for more than ten years.

Proven Technology - Sona MedSpa offers proven technology that is considered best in class when compared to our competitors. Our partnership with Alma Laser, the aesthetic laser industry leader, offers the client greater effectiveness, comfort, and increased safety due to its design and dual chill tip. Sona also is constantly researching and testing new technology so we can continue to offer our clients the best treatments possible.

Expertly Trained - Each licensed treatment provider is Sona Certified. Prior to being certified for any of our services, the provider must complete training modules of 50 - 80 units. Once this training is complete, they must pass a randomly generated online exam. Finally, before Sona will certify a treatment provider, that provider must have performed 40 hours of medically supervised treatments.

Sona Safe - Sona ensures our clients' safety by using sophisticated technology called chromo testing to test the melanin in the skin of each client. This ensures that we are providing you the most effective treatments at the safest levels for your skin tone. Additionally, this technology is unique to Sona, reiterating why we are the nation's leader.


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