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Accent Body Contouring is the perfect complement to weight loss as this advanced technology addresses loose skin and unwanted fat areas on both the face and the body.  Dual layer thermotherapy is used to tighten and re-contour the skin. Overall skin tightening, volume reduction and cellulite reduction are the outcomes of this amazing procedure. Accent works by causing collagen fibers to contract and multiply to improve firmness and laxity. These connective tissues contract to improve your skin’s contour, texture, and shape. In addition, retained fluids are drained from tissue to reduce overall volume in problem areas.

What are Sona’s Body Contouring procedures?
Sona Body Contouring refers to a group of procedures offered to help reshape your body in a safe, non-surgical fashion. Each body contouring procedure makes use of the latest safe technologies to achieve amazing Body By Sona results.

What is the difference between Body Contouring and Liposuction or Plastic Surgery?
Sona’s body countouring procedures are a safe, less painful, alternative to liposuction. They are considered non-surgical, meaning there virtually is no downtime. In fact, most clients can resume relatively normal activities with in 24 hours. Contrast this to plastic surgery. Liposuction, for example, may have a significant degree of post-operative pain. It also requires recovery time, which means time lost from work in most cases.

Accent Body Contouring procedures also have very few complications, due to their non-surgical nature. Again, plastic surgery procedures may be quite invasive and often require overnight bed rest in a medical facility. Sona Body Contouring procedures do not require anesthetics, so that risk is eliminated.

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