The Science Behind

The Pixel 2940 YAG laser is the perfect solution for laser skin resurfacing.

How does Pixel Technology work?
A laser is a high-energy beam of light that can be directed into certain areas or tissues within the skin. These beams of light are produced in one wavelength or color at a time, and can vary in terms of their strength and the type of tissue that they can target.

The Pixel laser fires a laser beam that then is split into many microscopic beams, producing tiny dot, or pixel-like treatment zones on the skin.

These “pixels” penetrate deep into the skin, destroying the old cells.
For every micro-injury that the laser has created and therefore treated, it leaves the surrounding tissue unaffected and intact. This allows the skin to heal quickly creating new healthy tissue.

How safe is Pixel Technology?
Although the laser effectively bores tiny holes in your skin, healing is quick with minimal to no downtime. The procedure can be used on a range of skin types. The procedure is very well tolerated with minimal discomfort. Additionally, all Sona MedSpa treatments are performed by medically trained, doctor supervised staff.

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