Skin Tightening

How can skin tightening help me?
Do you have loose skin that needs to be firmed or tightened? If losing weight or the process of aging has created lose skin on your body, our skin tightening treatments can help. They induce neocollagenesis, the creation and inducement of new collagen within our skin, through deep thermal heating using a near infrared laser.

How does skin tightening work?
Skin tightening treatments work by using a laser to deliver uniform energy distribution and effectively targets lipids and connective tissue. It exerts its biological effect on the skin through two major mechanisms:

  • Heat-induced collagen shrinkage and micro-thermal injury
  • Dermal regeneration, repair (healing) and remodeling

This produces dramatic, yet comfortable deep dermal heating without damage to the epidermis.

How many treatments do I need?
A series of three to six treatments produces a tighter, fresher appearance - without pain or invasive procedures.

Definitions to know:

  • Neocollagenesis is the termed used to define the creation and inducement of new collagen within our skin.
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