Age Spots

Not just a sign of age

What are Age Spots?
Age spots (sometimes called “liver spots”) are flat, colored spots, or skin pigmentation, on areas most exposed to the sun. They typically form on the hands, shoulders, neck, and face. Age Spots vary in size, shape, and color. Age Spots, or liver spots, generally are common in adults 40 and older, but sometimes appear in younger adults.

Should I be worried if I have Age Spots?
Age Spots, or skin discoloration, usually are harmless groupings of pigment/-color-containing cells and may fade over time. Unfortunately, they represent damaged skin. While your body ages, your skin gets thinner. This also can heighten the visibility of age spots.

Can You Cure Age Spots?
Well, not exactly. The most effective way to prevent age spots is to protect your skin using sunscreen. While the damage can't be undone, Sona’s skilled use of FDA-approved Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT™*) can hone in on color-producing melanin cells within pigments, in effect "bleaching" the cells and virtually removing the age spot. (Darkening may occur for a few days before the age spots begin to lighten and flake off).

For more details on AFT click here, or call 1-866-GET-SONA for more information.

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